About Lotus Enterprises

The objective of the company is to strengthen the agricultural sector of the country by providing high quality products. When talking about lotus enterprises we launched our company from the product Nano on 7th January 2005 and now there are more than thirty products and also on 1st March 2005, we started Power Crop Lanka Company for Agriculture Machinery.



To be the leading company, bringing the latest technology to Sri Lankan agriculture and supporting commercial-scale cultivation to meet the requirements of the domestic and export market.



Committes to enhance Sri Lankan farmer economy, improves the rural economy and contributes towards the growth of agriculture in Sri Lanka building rewarding and lasting relationship with our customers.

A Message from The Chairman

Welcome to the flourishing world of Lotus Enterprises,
where our commitment to excellence and value creation has blossomed over generations. From our humble beginnings, we've grown into a diversified conglomerate championing sustainability and innovation across 16 sectors. Our strength lies in the rich diversity woven into the fabric of our operations, with deep connections to the heart of the Sri Lankan economy. With a vibrant global presence, Lotus proudly showcases the best of Sri Lanka through a diverse portfolio exported worldwide. We not only compete globally but also embrace progressive partnerships that channel investment for the benefit of our connected communities. Join us in exploring the World of Lotus, where each venture is a testament to our dedication to a brighter future. -
Chairman & CEO,
Lotus Enterprises.


ISO 9001


“Excellence Blooms at Lotus Enterprise: Committed to Quality, Rooted in ISO 9001 Standards.”

ISO 14001


“Sustainability in Full Bloom: Lotus Enterprise Cultivating Environmental Excellence with ISO 14001.”

SGS Certification


“Lotus Enterprise Achieves SGS Certification: Elevating Standards, Inspiring Confidence in Quality and Integrity.”


Our Products

Lotus Enterprises offers you the best seeds and most effective  fertilizers for your commercial crops or backyard farm. Browse our product range at our shop.

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