Atomix (Non toxic plant simulant)

Atomix is a non toxic plant simulant which is consist of 0.5% – Nitrophenolate  and 0.1% – sodium nitrophenolate. Atomix increase the plant cell activities and helps to grow the plant rapidly. Also protect the plant from the diseases. When appling Atomix in to the plants that Enhances the ability of absorbing the water and the nutrients from soil.

Apply to the plants when have good sunlight in the morning or in the evening

Recommended Crops

All vegetables & Cucurbitaceae type plants including Tomato, Chili, Potato, Bitter Melon, Pumkin, Cucumber, All fruits , All cut flowers and ornamental flowers, Tobacco, Maize, Paddy and all grains.

Dosage : Mix 10ml for 16L tank & apply any crop.



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