Capsicum – Awulegama







Pod Characteristics

Seed typeOpen pollinationPod length15-20 cm
Seed rateOpen pollinationPod colorLight green
Plant typeVigorous, Medium heightUniformityUniform
Color of foliageDark green
Harvesting time65-75 days after planting
ResistancesYield and Quality
Yellow Mosaic VirusHigh toleranceYieldHigh
DiseasesHigh resistanceAverage yield6-4 Tons per acre
Field AdaptationHigh
Suitable SoilsWell drained soil with high organic matter content
Spacing2 ft x 3 ft
Field Planting2 seeds per planting hole
Fertilizer Application
Fertilizer Application – Chemical Fertilizer
Time of ApplicationUrea (kg / acre)TSP (kg / acre)MOP (kg / acre)
Basal dressing608030
4 weeks after planting6030
8 weeks after planting6030





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