Energy (30:10:10 + TE)

Energy is a special fertilizer which can be used from the growing stage of the yield. This is watersoluble liquid fertilizer special for Orchid, Anthurium, Rose, Carnetion, Boganvila, Idda species and Sanderiana. Also, This can be used for all kind of vegetables and fruits cultivation in the growing stage.


  • Increase the growing speed
  • Helps plant to become healthy
  • Enhances the colour of the yield
  • Increases the quality of the yield


Apply again between 7-10 Days will get more results

Recommended Crops

Orchid, Anthurium, Rose, Carnetion, Boganvila, Idda species, Sanderiana, All vegetables and All fruits

Dosage : 30g-40g per 16L tank, [Mix 1 Tea spoon with 2L-3L of water]



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