Snake Gourd – Kota



Plant-Snake gourd(MI-Short) 

Pod Characteristics

Seed typeOpen PollinationPod lengthAbove ½ m length 
Seed rate1.6 kg per acrePod colorAsh mix white 
Plant typeVigorous, Vine typeUniformityUniform 
Color of foliage     Green   
Harvesting time    60-75 days after planting   
DiseasesYield and Quality 
Downy mildewYieldHigh 
Powdery mildewAverage yield8  tons per Acer 
Mosaic virus 
Suitable SoilsWell drained soil with Loamy  soil 
Spacing1.5m x1.5 m 
Field PlantingTwo –three seeds  per planting hole 
Fertilizer Application-Liquid fertilizer
Time of applicationLiquid FertilizerDosage

(  16L tank for water)

14-21  days after plantingAlbert solution35ml 
21-25 days after planting Nasa


¼ tablet


14-25 days after plantingMax N -42%30-40ml

All stages

(for growth stage and flowering stage)

Diana grow30-40 g


Flowering stage


Booster K




Flowering stage


Bloom Tech




Flowering StageAtomix10ml
Flowering stagesVegetop2-3ml

Fertilizer Application – Chemical Fertilizer

Time of ApplicationUrea (kg / acre)TSP (kg / acre)MOP (kg / acre) 
Basal dressing308024 
4 weeks after planting3024 
8 weeks after planting3024 


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