Tomato – Thilina



Plant-Tomato (Thilina) 

Pod Characteristics

Seed typeOpen PollinationPod lengthLong and circular and heart  shape 
Seed rate100g per acrePod color    Reddish orange 
Plant type     Vigorous, bush  typeUniformityUniform 
Color of foliage     Green   
Harvesting time    60-70 days after planting   
DiseasesYield and Quality 
Downy mildewYieldHigh 
Dumping offAverage yield15-16 M.  tons per Acer 
Bacteria wilt 
Mosaic virus 




Suitable SoilsWell drained soil with Loamy  soil 
Spacing80cm x50cm 
Field PlantingTwo plant per planting hole 
Fertilizer Application-Liquid fertilizer
Time of applicationLiquid FertilizerDosage

(  16L tank for water)

14-21  days after planting Albert solution35ml 
21-25 days after planting Nasa


¼ tablet


14-25 days after plantingMax N -42%30-40ml

All stages (for growth stage and flowering stage)

Diana grow30-40 g


Flowering stage


Booster K




Flowering stage


Bloom Tech




Flowering Stage Atomix10ml
Flowering stagesVegetop2-3ml

Fertilizer Application – Chemical Fertilizer

Time of ApplicationUrea (kg / acre)TSP (kg / acre)MOP (kg / acre) 
Basal dressing26130

Badhulla district-86

4 weeks after planting26 
8 weeks after planting2626 


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