Vimino is an ideal formula for paddy. Vimino is specially introduced for the first time in  Sri  Lanka. Vimino is produced by using modern technology and specially recommended for paddy. Vimino increases not only the yield but also the quality of the yield. Vimino contains each and every nutrients which are needed for better plant growth.

  • Uniformity seedling growth.
  • Increases  the  growth of the paddy.
  • Fights against the Zinc deficiency.
  • Increases the weight of the seeds.
  • Reduces the number of empty seeds.
  • Enhances vigour  of the plant.
  • Increases water and fertilizer absorption.
  • Long lasting greening  effect with upright shoot.
  • Eliminates crop yellowing.
  • Minimizes dropping of seeds during harvesting.

Recommended Crops

Paddy cultivations

Dosage :

60ml Vimino & 30 Bactor and then use.


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